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WebWorks® Publisher for Word?

This website is all about WebWorks Publisher for FrameMaker, because I don't have enough time to handle the peculiarities of MS Word in conjunction with WebWorks Publisher.

To get a WebWorks Publisher overview, you may want to read this articleNeues Fenster by David Knopf, who (like myself) has many years of experience with WebWorks Publisher.

Are you getting the max out of WebWorks Publisher ?

QuadralayNeues Fenster ships the next generation product WebWorks ePublisher Pro for Word and WebWorks ePublisher Pro for FrameMaker. Even though the version number 9.x suggests it, those are not upgrades of the current products but releases with a completely new architecture based on XML and XSL. You have to take into account a certain amount of 'teething problems'. Use the try out option to see whether the software is fit your your purposes!

Do you know the full power of WebWorks Publisher?

WebWorks Publisher is the most powerful HTML converter for FrameMaker documents, it integrates very well with FrameMaker – and as such is of course a proprietary solution.

Please allow a personal note: If you work with Structured FrameMaker using XML (i.e. with the DocFrameNeues Fenster environment), you might find a non-proprietary solution using XSL transformations more appealing. And this is also an area where I have expertise and can provide services and support for.

An interesting thing to look at is the distinction between the WebWorks Publisher versions and their inter-operability:

  • Using WebWorks Publisher Standard Edition, you can setup the mapping of FrameMaker formats to WWP styles, and you can modify the included document templates using WebWorks Publisher Professional, of course.
  • Using WebWorks Publisher Professional, you can even create new WWP styles as well as modify the existing styles. As an added benefit, these versions ship with additional converter templates.

This website contains information, add-ons, tips, and tricks for all versions of WebWorks Publisher. If you have any questions: Send me an e-mail!

Other WebWorks Products

For information about other WebWorks products please visit the Quadralay Corporation websiteNeues Fenster.


Quadralay and WebWorks are trademarks of Quadralay Corporation, 9101 Burnet Road, Suite 105, Austin, Texas 78758, USA. You can get official information regarding WebWorks Publisher at www.webworks.comNeues Fenster. The operator of this website (see Contact) is independent from Quadralay Corporation.

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