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Note regarding WWP 7 and 2003

WebWorks Publisher Professional 7 and 2003 contain character mappings for the codepages 1250, 1251, 1253, 1254, and 1257, like you need them for MS HTML Help 1.x. Unfortunately the Euro sign is not supported by these mappings. And those mappings do not support the Unicode standard UTF-8, i.e. you can only use characters from a single codepage in a single WebWorks Publisher project. If you have a Russian project, you cannot use any accented characters from other European languages like á, é, è, Ä, Ö, or Ü.

Character Mapping for Baltic Fonts

Applies to: WebWorks Publisher 6 WebWorks Publisher 7 WebWorks Publisher 2003 (see note)

Supported languages: Estonian (et), Lithuanian (lt), Latvian (lv).

Required for using this Character Mapping are fonts which contain the glyphs in the Windows codepage order. This can be achieved most easily using so-called "virtual fonts", which do not exist for themselves on your computer, but are created using Registry entries for all applications that do not support the Unicode standard. E.g., based on the font Arial one can make available the characters of the Baltic codepage Windows-1257 in a virtual font Arial Baltic.

My offer

I created Character Mappings for all characters of codepage 1257, which can be used with all versions of WebWorks Publisher and which created characters according to the following standards:

  • Unicode UTF-8
  • Windows-1257 (already available in WWP 7 and 2003)

Buy this Character Mapping individually or the complete Character Mapping Collection!

Known issues

There are two irrelevant characters in codepage 1257 which cannot be handled directly by Adobe FrameMaker:

  • The diacritical mark Cedilla (¸) is at ANSI position 143, for which FrameMaker does not accept text characters.
  • The diacritical mark Macron (¯) is at ANSI position 157, for which FrameMaker always displays the Symbol font character seconds (²) instead of the original font's character.

Note: Normal text is not affected by this shortcomings!

MS HTML Help 1.x

If you create MS HTML Help 1.x you cannot use Unicode encoding, you have to use codepage encoding. To make things even more complicated, you have to know that you can compile a CE help file successfully only after changing the system locale of your computer to the help's language.

Installation of Unicode support

You receive the file archive CharSet1257.zip.

  1. Unzip the contained files: Unicode_1257_Baltic_Charset.wdt, Codepage_1257_Baltic_Charset.wdt, and test file FM_CharacterSet_ANSI_1250-7.mif.
  2. Open Unicode_1257_Baltic_Charset.wdt. Do not migrate the project, if WebWorks Publisher offers this option.
  3. Open your WebWorks Publisher project or template and make it the active project.
  4. Choose Style > Import.
    Settings in dialog box Style Import
  5. In the dialog box that appears

    • under Items to Import select the Styles check box
    • under Specific Styles to Import select the Character Mappings check box
    • in the Import From list select Unicode_1257_Baltic_Charset.wdt
  6. Click OK to perform the import.
  7. Make sure the character encoding of your project is set to "Unicode (UTF-8)" (Options tab of the project's dialog box).
  8. Choose Project > Properties (WWP2003: Mappings) and select the Mappings > Font tab.
    Mapping for Baltic fonts
  9. Set the mapping for all Baltic fonts to the new Character Mapping "UnicodeCE" (therefore your WebWorks Publisher project has to contain at least one file that uses such a font, e.g. the delivered test file).

Installation of Codepage support

Proceed as descibed above, but import the Character Mapping from file Codepage_1257_Baltic_Charset.wdt.

Make sure your project's character encoding is set to "baltic 1257 (Windows-1257)" (Options tab of the project's dialog box). All text fonts in your project will be encoded using this codepage. Of course you should have used only Baltic fonts!

How to test the new setup

  1. Add the test document FM_CharacterSet_ANSI_1250-7.mif to your project.
  2. Make sure the font mapping is done accordingly (see above).
  3. Generate the HTML files and compare the result with the original file.

Overview of this codepage's characters

Baltic Characters (Charmap.exe)


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