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Does your conversion setup handle all characters?

Does your current conversion setup handle all available FrameMaker characters correctly?

Check it using the test document FM_Character_Sets_Windows.mif and compare the conversion result with a print-out of that document.

Free download: FM_Character_Sets_Windows.mif (zipped: 50kB)

By the way: A file similar to this used to be part of the FrameMaker installation until version 5.5.6. Later versions contained that file in PDF format only.

Character Mapping for Symbol Font

Applicable to: WebWorks Publisher 6 WebWorks Publisher 7 WebWorks Publisher 2003


I created a Char Map for all characters of the Symbol font, which you can use with all versions of WebWorks Publisher.

There is only a problem with the character "arrowup" with decimal code 173: Characters with that code are treated as a "soft hyphen" (discretionary hyphen) by almost all web browsers and consequently not displayed. There are two options to circumvent this problem:

  • Using a replacement graphic for this character, like this: arrow up
  • Using the Unicode arrow \u2191 = ↑ = ↑, which looks a little bit different than the other Symbol arrows: ¬ ® ¯.
    To make this work, the font Symbol must not be selected for this character. This could be achieved using the following entry in the Char Map:
    </span>&#8593;<span style="font-family: Symbol">

The second solution is implemented by default, but you can change it easily to the first option.


You receive an archive SymbolFontCharSet.zip.

  1. Extract the WebWorks Publisher setup file SymbolFontCharSet.wdt, the replacement graphic arrowup.gif, and the test file FM_CharMap_ANSI_Symbol.mif.
  2. Open the setup file using WebWorks Publisher. Do not migrate the project, if WebWorks Publisher asks you.
  3. Open your WebWorks Publisher project and make sure it is active.
  4. Select Style > Import.
    Import Styles dialog settings
    Make the following settings in the appearing dialog:
    • Items to Import: Styles
    • Specific Styles to Import: Character Mappings
    • Import From: SymbolFontCharSet.wdt
  5. Click OK to make the import.
  6. Now select Project > Properties (WWP2003: Mappings) and activate the tab Mappings > Font.
    Mapping the Symbol font to the new Character Mapping
  7. Assign the new mapping "Symbol Font" to the font Symbol (therefore it is required that your WebWorks Publisher project contains at least one file which uses the Symbol font, for example the delivered test file).

If you want to use the replacement graphic

The following additional steps are required:

  1. Copy the arrow graphic arrowup.gif into folder images in the folder Support of your project.
  2. Open the Style Designer > Char Maps > Symbol Font.
  3. Select entry "\u00A6" and click Edit Row.
  4. Copy the <img> tag from field Pass-thru Output to field Normal Output.

How to verify the new setup

  1. Add the test file FM_CharMap_ANSI_Symbol.mif to one of your projects.
  2. Make sure, that the mapping of font Symbol to the Character Mapping "Symbol Font" is done.
  3. Convert your files and compare the results with the original file.

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