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Tip: Interoperability

To be able to create a conversion setup usable with WebWorks Publisher Standard Edition, you have to use WebWorks Publisher Professional with the same major version number. I.e. using WebWorks Publisher Professional 2003 (8.0) you cannot prepare a conversion setup for WebWorks Publisher Standard Edition.

WWP Standard Edition

The WebWorks Publisher Standard Edition software which is included with Adobe FrameMaker 6 and Adobe FrameMaker 7 offers only a very limited set of customizable features, to create good-looking HTML pages. Before you go and buy WebWorks Publisher Professional, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are you prepared to invest several weeks of your time to learn a powerful and therefore complex new software?
  • Are you going to treat this new know-how as a core competence through keeping it current in the future?
  • Or do you just want a working conversion setup for a certain type of documents with a certain layout?
  • And, is there a person you can ask all questions which may come up?

I strongly recommend this article written by Sarah O'Keefe from Scriptorium Publishing: Can WebWorks Publisher Standard Edition Save You Money?.

My offer

I create a conversion setup for your documents that is compatible with WebWorks Publisher Standard Edition, so all you have to do when you want to create your online media is:

  • Start WebWorks Publisher Standard Edition
  • Enter a project name
  • Select the book file
  • Click Next several times

The next steps

Please supply a test book* and a sample of how you want the conversion result to look like. In most cases I will ask a few questions and then send you a fixed price offer for a finalized conversion setup, which you can use

  • without buying WebWorks Publisher Professional licenses
  • without external training costs or internal learning times
  • without having to learn the WebWorks Macro Language
  • without a major time delay because of the costly know-how acquisition!

What is possible at all?

  • HTML 4 with CSS formatting (so-called "Dynamic HTML")
  • Microsoft HTML Help 1.x (including online help calls)
  • Using Central-European, Cyrillic, Greek, Turkish, Baltic or Asian languages
  • ... (with any of your demands: please ask!)

In this way it is possible to do efficient and complex projects. According to my experience the minimum effort for a solution like this is about EUR 1600.

Project examples

On my website cap-studio.de, I have illustrated two projects which were created using the method described here. In both cases the customer uses FrameMaker 6 and WebWorks Publisher Standard Edition version 6.

  • An efficient project: MS HTML Help online helpNeues Fenster (there is a small animation which shows how little must be done to do the conversion)
  • A very complex project: Dynamic HTML with framesetsNeues Fenster (this example shows you how far you can go using WebWorks Publisher Standard Edition – you can open the generated HTML pages)

*) The test book ideally meets the following requirements: It contains all chapter types, all paragraph and character styles in any of the valid combinations (which is especially important for stuff inside lists and tables), all table styles, all cross-reference styles, all types of graphics, and all valid text conditions. All in all the best test book could be a writing style guide, which has been create based on the template it describes.


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