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»Excellent instructions, it worked on the first try. Thanks for the fast turnaround.«

Robert L.

In response to the solution of a charged 1-hour support case.

»Hot diggity dang!«

»Hot diggity dang! That was an easy fix. Vielen Dank, Michael, for your prompt and effective solution. Cheers.«


Reply to a posting in the wwp-users group.

»This was the solution«

»Yes, this was the solution. After upgrading to 6.0.7 and using the 96 dpi setting the graphic now has the desired size. Many thanks!«

Thomas K.

In response to a post in the frameuser.de mailing list.


A description of my support offerings can be found at my website: http://cap-studio.de/wp/index.php/dienstleistungen/support/.


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